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Ship of Heroes – Combat Alpha Second Run

A second combat-run has been released for Ship of Heroes, the upcoming Superhero MMO. The combat Alpha uses all of the elements that have been shown off in previous videos and brought them to life, from signature heroes, the Apotheisis City environment, offensive powers and powersets, and enemy UI/AI. This is the second Alpha Test for Ship of Heroes, and the work is far from done. An upgraded version of the Character Creation Tool (CCT) is on the way, which will incorporate ideas from supporters. The enemies shown in this Alpha highlights footage that was introduced earlier in the game’s development, but now they have new and exciting powers. Each enemy group favors different tactics and needs to be approached differently.

“We’ve taken several teams through the combat Alpha, and we’ve been delighted to find that the players loved the gameplay,” Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games, explained. “They have also given us a list of improvements they’d like to see, and we’re hoping to expand that list with feedback from our forums.”

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