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Shadow Arena: Badal the Golden Hero Spotlight

Shadow Arena offers a preview of its hero Badal the Golden, known also as Lancelot Bartali.

Lancelot Bartali, Badal the Golden
Lancelot Bartali was the captain of the Golden Sunset, yet was shipwrecked in the Margoria Sea, floating adrift until he reached the Kingdom of Haso. While searching for gold, he met and became the apprentice to an old master. Later he would come to gain fame as “Badal the Golden”.

Combat Style
Badal the Golden specializes in combos using quick grapples and attacks while persistently closing the distance between him and his opponent. Badal’s specialty in Skill Enhancement allows for a variety of skill combos and fast attacks. As challengers hone their mastery in Badal, they will be able to engage in a stylish form of combat via applying the perfect combo in each and every situation. Rather than focusing all of his strength in one combo, you need to observe the entire flow of the battle, predict the enemy’s next move and counterattack at the right moment.

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