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RuneScape Releases Legacy of Zamorak: Lord of Chaos

via press release

RuneScape players will face a god as they take on Zamorak, the Lord of Chaos in this brand-new dungeon and boss battle which launched Monday 4th July. The dynamic design system will challenge players of all skill levels and provide scalable rewards and outcomes.

Gielinor’s bravest adventurers will delve through the ruined Zamorakian Undercity filled with cultists, demons, and fearsome mini bosses before facing and – hopefully – banishing Zamorak. This high-level content can be played alone or with friends and will have diverse rewards and gameplay which varies depending on players’ approach. This boss fight is followed by an additional mini-quest which ties into the Elder God Wars storyline from last year.

This may be the ultimate RuneScape boss fight but fear not, it’s designed to be played by adventurers of all skill levels. There are three modes available: Story, which reduces damage taken by 90%, Normal which is a moderate challenge, and Enrage, pushing players to the absolute limit.

For the first time on a dungeon, a global leaderboard will be made available exclusively for players on the Enrage mode. Showcase your skill and battle your way up the high score tables against the best RuneScape players in the world right now.

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