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RuneScape Patch Notes (December 14, 2015)

The weekly RuneScape patch notes of fixes and tweaks are delivered for December 14 – in the form of a rap. Catch the patch note details here.

It’s December 14th and a lot has changed
So a little patch rap is what I’ve arranged
There’s a short cool-down for your snow imp pal
We’ve now re-worded that you have to find the hidden Ga’al
We added lootbeam drops to a lot of things
Like a bunch of diaries and elven wedding rings
Players can’t stall damage just by cutting cheese
And If you ever find a bug like that report it please
Now some weapons have a slightly better special attack
When your enemy is stunned you do more damage with Wrack
Don’t forget Punish, Piercing shot and Slice as well
And Hurricane doesn’t interrupt your magic spell
But day after day there’s new things to fix
Who knows what we’ll pull out from our bag of tricks
You know the Ninja team will never up and call it quits
And next Monday I’ll be back with another episode of this!

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