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Rules of Survival Announces New Epic Clash Mode

NetEase’s Battle Royale title, Rules of Survival has released a new mode, called “Epic Clash” mode. In this squad-based mode, players will have avatar abilities, new weapons/vehicles, and new buildable structures. Those who survive, scavenge, build and strategize will be the ones to survive this Epic Clash. In Epic Clash, there is also the Super Item Card. These offer a new twist to the battle royale arena victories. When the safe zone shrinks, players can select a Super Item Card that can have one of several abilities, shown below. They can really turn the tide in the last moments of the game.

  • The Zombie Outfit, which transforms the player’s avatar into an undead zombie, literally, as the HP value steadily recovers in the battlefield.
  • Stealth Mode makes player movements super silent, allowing players to sneak up on each other like ninjas, and take them out before they even notice.
  • The Infrared Scan, which gives vision enhancement for players, enabling them to see the outline of enemies hiding in buildings, behind trees, and more.
  • Super Body is an all-around strength amplification which grants increased speed and a higher jump to players.
  • Summons Nightfall and Summons Fog both manipulate the weather, meaning once used, darkness or heavy mist will respectively descend upon the entire battlefield for 60 seconds.

In addition to these, there’s also the new land vehicle (Titan) and the new aircraft (Titan Warplane), that have a great deal of firepower in both the land and sky. New weapons also await, such as the IMBA Rocket Tube, and IMBA Revolver G-Launcher. These specialize in taking out large targets and causing vast destruction. If that weren’t enough, Rules of Survival also lets players be revived up to three times every round. Being brought back comes with basic items and equipment, and gives players a chance to get revenge, or learn from their mistakes.

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