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Rudolph, The Most Demented Reindeer comes to Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena

All the other Reindeer used to laugh and call him names. But no longer. Camex Games unveiled their latest holiday-themed character, Rudolph, the Hardcore Reindeer. He hits hard, charges hard, and isn’t taking anyone’s crap ever again. He’s now available in Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena and is all grown-up and ready to fight.¬†For starters, Rudolph’s basic “Gift” (aka..”punishing attack”) is an exploding box he very un-gently throws at his enemies. His Small Surprise is an exploding (yet lovingly wrapped) gift that deals a whopping 50% damage to enemies. Rudolph’s Big Surprise is the ultimate weapon to ward off pesky melee attackers, as it stuffs his enemy inside an exploding box that when thrown, inflicts 100% damage on nearby foes.

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