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Roumania Joins The War in WW1 FPS Tannenberg

A free update has launched for Tannenberg, which features a new map, a new squad, and weapons. Roumania joins the World War, fighting bravely. It has been about 100 years since the Treaty of Bucharest was signed, and once more they join the fray, in Tannenberg. The Roumanian Infantry bring the M93 rifle and carbine to the fight, alongside their courage and discipline. In addition to their standard issue weapons, they will have access to some foreign arms. There will also be a new historical map, inspired by Mount Cosna, the Second Battle of Oituz and the western parts of Roumania. Outnumbered Romanian troops held the line against German and Austro-Hungarian attackers, long enough for their elite mountain infantry and Russian reinforcements to arrive.

Jos Hoebe says: “We’re excited to release a new squad voted for by the community! The team wanted to add one of the smaller nations that often get overlooked in media representations of the war, and we narrowed it down to Roumania or Bulgaria. One of the fun things about Early Access is responding to what the community wants, so holding a vote to decide was an obvious choice.”

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