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Rogue Universe is A New Mobile SciFi MMO Now Live in Canada

The winner of the “Unreal Engine Dev Grant” back in January 2018, MUSTGAMES revealed their new mobile space strategy game, Rogue Universe. A vibrant, comic-style story awaits, with a game set in the ‘universe year’ 29183, where interdimensional travel is a reality. Advances in technology have further advanced civilization, but this has also brought conflict between the worlds. In a universe that is controlled by three powerful factions, players experience an immersive comic atmosphere where they venture freely through deep space while allying with and fighting other players to ultimately conquer the galaxy.

Over ten unique characters form the crew of the player’s ship and can recruit more as the game goes on. Beginning with their mothership, more than twenty ships and bases are available to build up and customize, to create an impressive fleet of ships to explore the universe in. Rogue Universe features an extensive mission mode where players can tackle missions with or against the three powerful factions; the U.N.S., Black Flag, or Zurich Bank. The vast universe also presents various challenging in-game PvP and PvE modes where players can test their fighting skills or even hunt down other players. Aside from these single-player operations, players can also join or create guilds, form alliances with countless users in this MMO, and go into battle alongside their allies. Rogue Universe is also played in portrait mode, to let players handle the game with one hand, while still allowing easy access to all buttons.  Rogue Universe is free on both the Google Play and App Store in Canada, and the global release is scheduled for Q1 2019.

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