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Rogue Heist Enters Steam Early Access

Lifelike Studios brings their free-to-play Rogue Heist to Steam’s Early Access program today. Players will be sticky-fingered thieves, teaming up for 6v6 online battles. The goal is to hack into an ambushed convoy’s safe, steal as much of the loot as possible. You’ll also have to defend your stolen wealth from the other team. There are several roles to pick, from Sniper, Assault, Support, and Hacker.

Rogue Heist Key Features:

  • 6v6 online co-op action;
  • A variety of factions to represent depending on your personal style;
  • Play Sniper to overwatch your crew or go Assault to get up close and personal;
  • Strategic combat and awareness as you hack into the convoy’s safe;
  • Running and gunning on the way to securing the package before heading out again;
  • A role dedicated to supporting the Hacker in the game;
  • Experience gains based on performance as well as Heist Ratings and your share of the package based on your match performance.
  • Multiple other game modes from Deathmatch to team brawls, and more to come!
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