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Rocket Arena from Nexon Enters Closed Beta in May 2019

Rocket Arena is an upcoming 3-on-3 cross-platform FPS from Nexon and Final Strike Games, and it’s about to enter Closed Beta. This begins on May 23rd and runs through May 29th, 2019 via the Nexon Launcher and Steam. Rocket Arena is set in the world of Crater and introduces gameplay mechanics to set it apart from other AAA shooters. It revels in a wealth of colorful weapons and abilities that utilize awesome rockets, that are used in imaginative forms.

In Rocket Arena, players are equipped with a blast meter that increases as they are blasted by rockets. As the meter reaches its critical point, players become susceptible to being knocked out of the map, but will quickly return to the stage to stay in the action. With dedicated matchmaking functionality, servers account for skill level and latency when pairing players together. Rocket Arena will have cross-platform on PC and Xbox One at launch, and Playstation 4’s is currently in development. The Closed Beta will have six maps, four game modes, and six characters. Interested parties can sign up below.

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