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Robocraft: Respawned And Overclocked! is the latest major update for Robocraft, a free to play build your own robot and fight other robots type game from FreeJam.
Game Mode – Completely new core game mode to make Robocraft feel like a ‘new game’ with deeper gameplay mechanics and greater levels of team strategy
Respawning – Respawn times start short and get longer as the battle progresses (Based on the battle duration and your Overclock Level)
Protonium Reactor – Destroy the lattice of Protonium Crystals to destroy the enemy’s reactor to win
Overclocker – Available from Tier 2 upwards in the new Battle Mode. Power-up your Robot within a battle
Overclock Level – Level up by earning ‘Clock Cycles’ by damaging, killing, healing, capturing towers, scouting, spotting, getting assists and destroying Protonium
Fusion Shield – Available from Tier 3, protects the allied Protonium Reactor, allies heal inside the shield, enemies cannot shoot through it
Fusion Towers – Available from Tier 4, capture all 4 Fusion Towers to take down the enemy Fusion Shield

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