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Riders of Icarus Ranger’s Fury Update Trailer

Riders of Icarus Ranger’s Fury is now live, introducing the Ranger class, raising the level cap, and more!
Leveraging their skills with the bow and vambrace interchangeably, Rangers provide an invaluable service to the kingdom under the leadership of Crow and the Onyx Order. As special agents in the Onyx Order, Rangers are both revered and shunned as they carry out missions for the Kingdom of Hakanas. Flowing within each Ranger is the blood of the God of Ruin, making them specially equipped to track down and trace the power of Ruin. However, due to this affliction, there are those who are don’t trust the Rangers, forcing them to slowly come out of the shadows.

The arrival of the new Ranger class also heralds the arrival of an increase to the level cap to 50! Create a new Ranger or power up your current Riders to new heights as they gear up and learn all-new skills in preparation for their journey into the Cloying Wastes! Learn new strategies and change the way you battles opponents in both PvE and PvP combat! The limits to your Rider’s power has reached new heights!

Things are heating up as Riders can now venture into the Cloying Wastes, a desert wasteland that lies to the west of Hakain’s Crossing. Riders must set out from the village of Alseik and overcome the debilitating heat as they travel the expanse to discover two new dungeons: The Temple of Sands and the Fortress of Sorrows! Prepare for battle as you fight to prevent the Khabim Brotherhood’s takeover of the Temple of Sands or breach the walls of the Fortress of Sorrows to engage in a climactic struggle against the Fallen Legion!

The vast expanse of the desert also holds discovery of new familiars to join your stable as either a mount or pet! Tame mounts that offer the benefit of being native to the Cloying Wastes and aid you with their special abilities that enhance familiar speed and experience gain! Familiars you will find include the Trinoceros, Shakiba and Poyo!

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