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Revelation Online is Now Available on Steam is proud to announce that their MMORPG Revelation Online is now available on Steam for players to experience this world for themselves. It hits Steam hard with seven classes and nine expansions worth of content, added game modes, dungeons, housing and much more. The lands of Nuanor are completely open for players to be challenged as this varied and vast MMO comes to life on Steam. To celebrate this, a free welcoming pack is available for each new user as well as a host of starter packs aimed at newcomers getting into the MMORPG. Those, alongside the game can be found in the link below.

Features of Revelation Online:

  • Seamless Open-World: Players explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery. Admire stunning views – cliffs, forests, mountains, and cities with the power of flight to experience absolute freedom of exploration. Once they reach the right level and are willing to take the chance, adventurers can participate in open world PvP. Kill offenders, avenge fallen friends or defend a rare spawn together with their allies. Declare personal wars but be wary for the penalizing system. This is a system of high risks and high rewards.
  • The Freedom of Flight: Adventurers spread their wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the skies of Nuanor. Dive into the waters or climb to the top of the world – in Revelation Online every place can be reached freely. Fly to fabled places in which players always find new friends to storm a myriad of dungeons located in caves, blighted deserts, and realms of eternal shadow. Gather your group of 5, 10 or 20 to overcome obstacles and defeat the bosses within to be awarded glory and unique outfits.
  • Own a part of Nuanor: Revelation Online has a unique system of player housing where players (once reaching level 40) can gain access to their own free apartment, from there they can upgrade and stylize it to their own choices with a wide range of furniture and accessories, invite friends over and even share living space with their pact mate
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