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Relic Hunters Zero Launches Game Mode Inspired by ‘Risk of Rain

Relic Hunters Zero is proud to celebrate four years of being a free-to-play co-op roguelike shooter. With that in mind, Rogue Snail released a huge update for the game that adds a new game mode inspired by Risk of Rain. It’s entitled Relic Hunters Zero “Storm“, and it brings a free version of the popular roguelike mode, and has zero microtransactions, and features a time survival mode, as well as difficulty progression. This mode has more than 60 items for players to acquire, and they will fight against enemies that randomly appear on the map, collecting as many items as possible. The goal is to defeat the bosses that come their way. Players will also have to manage their time wisely, because the longer the match goes on, the greater the difficulty will be. Relic Hunters Zero now has three game modes (Adventure, Endless and Storm) and completed four years of existence without any microtransactions or ads.

Major changes for the “Storm” update

  • New Game Mode: The Storm, inspired by Risk of Rain;

  • You can now equip all Relics;

  • 10 new Relics;

  • 3 new Bosses;

  • 4 new Guns;

  • New dynamic camera for Local Co-Op play;

  • Complete combat rebalance;

  • Items now have Item Rarity, color-coded (white, green, blue, purple, red);

  • Big performance improvements;

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