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Relic Hunters Legend Shows Off Latest Gameplay

Rogue Snail is giving fans a glimpse of the upcoming character-driven looter shooter, Relic Hunters Legend today. The follow-up to Relic Hunters Zero, Relic Hunters Legend features a ton of loot, but pairs it with an engaging story involving a time-traveling baddie, and a snarky cast of characters. It is presently in Alpha and is playable for Kickstarter backers, and players that purchased a Founder’s Pack. It will also be free to play when it launches.

Featuring unlocked framerates, Relic Hunters Legend will support 4K resolution so players can get the ultimate crispness on watching their bullet trajectory as it crashes into oncoming enemies spilling their sweet sweet loot. Blending 2D and 3D elements Relic Hunters’ cartoon-like art style creates for some eye-catching and vibrant moments for players to soak in while they’re collecting their bounty.

Relic Hunters Legend aims to make players feel like they’re a character in a Saturday Morning cartoon with kick-ass skill combos while delivering a depth of gameplay through hand-crafted story missions and fresh experiences with randomized explorable environments.

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