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PUBG MOBILE Club Open Features More Than 300 Teams

PUBG Mobile‘s Club Open Group Stage phase begins today (April 26th, 2019), and more than 300 teams divided by region are doing battle in the Spring Split Group Stage. The top 24 teams will advance to the semifinals of the PMCO 2019. The regions are China, Europe, India, Middle East, North America, South America, South East Asia, and the Wildcard (for teams not in these regions). Those who want to see the full list of qualifying teams can be found here.

 There are familiar faces among the teams who qualified to the Group Stage, including the PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge Champion Team RRQ, and the PUBG MOBILE India Series Champion Team Soul. These two teams really have gained a lot of attention and we shall see how they perform in the Group Stage which will kick off on April 26. The 32 teams from each region will battle against each other and top 24 teams from each region will advance to the semi-finals!

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