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Space economy simulation MMO Prosperous Universe has begun its First Access period, making the game available for testing and play for the first time to the gaming public.

The test, which will last several months, is focused on building a core community, funding development, and integrating player feedback. After the First Access period, Prosperous Universe will be released as a free-to-play game with optional premium game time, but no microtransactions or P2W elements.

simulogics, a German independent game studio, has been developing Prosperous Universe since 2015. The game places you in charge of your own space-faring company, allowing you to explore space, design spaceships, forge alliances, and strengthen your trading empire in a player-driven economy with a single persistent universe.

We’ve partnered with simulogics to offer you a chance to get into the Free Access, so grab a key here while they last!

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