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Pre-Registration begins for ONEMT’s ‘Origins of an Empire’

On May 18th, Pre-Registration began for ONEMT’s latest game, the MMORTS Origins of an Empire. The creator of Revenge of Sultans is also giving players who finish pre-registration a gift pack worth 100 dollars for when the game launches. Origins of an Empire is also the first RTS game based on the background of the Ottoman Turks. Players will dive into the world of the Ottoman Turks and follow the path the emperors of old took to build an empire, crush their enemies, and leave a truly lasting legacy.

Top 5 Unique gameplay features:

3D Real-time Epic Battles: Integrated with the latest 3D engine, you will experience vivid
Turkish Empire battles with high-quality graphics. Lead your kingdom to prosperity within the
epic Turkish Empire. To rule the kingdoms and crush your enemies in this real-time SLG, you
must draw on the tactical, diplomatic, and strategic leadership of the sultanate.

Global Alliance System: Global servers allow you to build alliances with friends all over the
world and fight for your country. Invite your friends to join the war and build an indestructible
alliance. Immerse yourself in battle alongside your closest allies – celebrate your victories as a
team, and relish revenge against determined enemies.

Collect, Train, Build and Upgrade: Collect resources, build your base, train your armies and
upgrade your Ottoman Warriors to tactically crush your enemies and seize their resources in
this strategy SLG game.

Challenge Mythological Beasts: Prepare to face the most powerful beasts of Greek
Mythology in the wild. Conquer them and collect rare resources for your kingdom.
Unique PVE Gameplay: Enjoy technical, massive online PVE gameplay with tower

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