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PlanetSide Arena Shows Off Their Massive Map and the Bastion Carrier

Daybreak Games show off a sneak preview of the upcoming map that’s on the way with PlanetSide Arena, known as “Echoes of Amerish”. James Kurowski, Environment Artist, and Troy Schram, Senior Designer, as they give a tour of the war-torn Echoes of Amerish map as well as the new biomes and points of interest scattered around the terrain. During the tour, James and Troy showcase the new DirectX 11 enhancements that are utilized in PlanetSide Arena and PlanetSide 2 to ensure the gameplay experience on both games are optimized.

The Bastion Carrier, that serves as the in-game lobby is also shown off in this video, where players can choose their class, loadout, and more before descending into battle. PlanetSide Arena launches its first Closed Beta on Wednesday, January 30th and is available to all players. A special beta period will also be available to those who pre-order during Founders Season, which begins on February 20th.

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