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Pixel Worlds: Faction Battles Update

Pixel Worlds launches its new Faction Battles update, which also includes new events, items, and more.

Update 1.5.2 notes:

  • ¬†Faction Battle Lock, Checkpoints, Doors and Portals for Light vs. Dark battles!
  • New Starter gem pack with untradeable Amber Wings!
  • Lunar New Year event: Catch lanterns for special items including Qing Dao sword!
  • Fireworks booster, with new legendary, active 24.-26.1. for Lunar New Year!
  • New tier items: Donation Box, Guest Book, Power Lift, Electro Sphere!
  • Pixel Worlds Anniversary event 24.-27.1. Get Anniversary Cake 3yo and Jukebox!
  • New community item: Hellhounds Blade!
  • Wiring items prices lowered, permanently!
  • Lock familiar evolve: Clan Locksie!
  • Frost Necklace returns for limited time!
  • New Daily Bonus main prizes!
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