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Perfect World Mobile – Interview with Bai Xue

Recently, Producer of Perfect World Mobile, Bai Xue reveals some background stories of the mobile port’s development. This took place at a recent event, held for veteran players. They will be incorporating new technology for players to customize their characters, via uploading a photo or taking a selfie, which will be mirrored back to the player. They will also be able to share these via streaming and image-sharing options.

In developing Perfect World for mobile, the developers have utilized new technologies to create an immersive and smooth gaming experience for players. Adapting the original PC version’s free-form flight Perfect World Games have incorporated the three-space concept in the mobile version. Players will experience a varied view distance and changes in environment detail as they fly to higher altitudes that are optimized for their mobile device. Features such as aerial combat have also been adapted from the PC version, utilizing 3D technology Perfect World Mobile has been optimized to deliver a seamless experience across various mobile devices and hardware capabilities

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