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Perfect World Mobile Edition Begins Pre-Registration

Perfect World Entertainment is proud to revive their classic MMO, Perfect World onto a mobile platform. Perfect World Mobile is an authentic edition of the original MMO, coming to life on mobile phones. Perfect World Mobile has already launched in China and received over 2.6 million downloads in its first twelve hours. Players will once again be able to form bonds by teaming up with friends and join guilds which are supported with the improved mentoring, guild and party systems.

Fans of Perfect World can also pre-register starting today by visiting the official site, in the link below or on the Google Play store directly. Players who do pre-register will receive a rare outfit on the first character they create, and there will also be tiered pre-registration rewards, which give players more, as greater numbers of pre-registrations occur. This includes in-game currency, dye packs, equipment socket bonuses, a rare mount, and an exclusive title.

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