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Perfect World Mobile Announces North American Release Date

Perfect World Games revealed the release date for Perfect World Mobile for the North American audience. Starting on September 4th, players can dive into the Xian Xia setting, and a world of gods, immortals, devils and more. The North American Open Beta will be available globally (except for Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, and CIS), and the download can begin on September 4th, with servers opening at 10 AM.

In Perfect World Mobile players will be able to choose from three main races of Winged Elves, Humans, and Untamed. Largely influenced by Taoism players will continuously collect “spirit” to enhance their skills and will be able to restore their physical strength by using mediation. It will utilize the Chinese Xian Xia culture with awesome PVE and PVP events, and the game’s unique art style/architecture. Xian Xia is also the inspiration for many of the encounters and bosses that players will find in-game. From Frost Dragon to Hell Stallion players will face powerful adversaries richly detailed with nostalgic appearances and abilities. XianXia culture is also apparent in the powerful weapons that players will be able to obtain while venturing throughout Perfect World.

Players that pre-register for Perfect World Mobile will receive a rare outfit on the first character they create. Perfect World will also be giving out tiered pre-registration rewards giving players more as pre-registration sign-ups increase including in-game currency, dye packs, equipment socket bonuses, a rare mount, and an open beta exclusive title. Players can also stay up to date on the latest news for Perfect World Mobile by visiting the official Facebook page here.

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