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Pearl Abyss Reveals New Class, Region and More for Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss revealed a host of new content for Black Desert Online, from a new female class, a new region, and a plethora of improvements.  Lahn is the new female martial artist, wielding a crescent scythe and has a shortsword as an offhand weapon. The trailer shows off their capabilities. Perhaps the biggest news is that Kim and his team have successfully reduced Black Desert’s client from 51gb to 27gb and streamlined it for increased performance (depending of course, on personal hardware). These will be implemented throughout the week and finalized on Dec. 13th. Black Desert Online’s UI is also receiving a makeover that lets players decide how much information is displayed on screen. In Action mode, only UI elements that are connected with combat (HP, quick slots, buff/debuff icons, etc.) are visible. In addition, Pearl Abyss is working on a 3D mini-map that not only highlights points of interest but also shows elevations in the landscape.

Other improvements are also coming, such as the ability to earn money in the Red Battlefield and other mini-games to make material gathering less of a chore overall. In addition, tutorials and quest systems are receiving an overhaul, which will help players become better acquainted with the game systems and guide them if unsure of where to go/what to do next. A new feature called the Story Book (name not final) will be introduced. With the Story Book, players can earn money by completing quests. Story Book will give a combat EXP bonus and skill EXP bonus on top of a silver bonus. Finally, Dreegan is a new territory inhabited by ferocious dragons, set to be added to Black Desert Online early next year. Players will have to engage in a new form of party play in order to survive this inhospitable area.

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