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Pathfinder Duels – Which Path Will You Take

Paizo’s hit tabletop RPG is moving to mobile devices in a big way, with Pathfinder Duels. It’s set in the Pathfinder Universe, extending and modifying the D&D 3rd Edition Rules by Wizards of the Coast. 37Games are bringing this title to mobile in card game format and is officially in Closed Beta testing in SEA/Australia for Android users. Simultaneous turn style battles await, to do battle against Greed and Evil. From the embodiment of evil that is the Magus class (represented by Seltyiel), the Sorcerer with their deep connection to the arcane (represented by Seoni), or the Investigator who seeks out the universal form of justice that they adhere to (represented by Quinn), there are plenty of options for players. A total of ten classes await, each represented by an Iconic Hero from the franchise. More classes and features will be unveiled as development continues also.

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