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Path of Exile: Ascendancy Class Reveal – Guardian

In Path of Exile: Ascendancy, you’ll be able to choose one of nineteen Ascendancy classes to specialise your character in. When a Templar character ascends, one of their three options is the Guardian – a holy leader who protects and empowers his allies.

Here are some of the skills available to an Guardian:

Radiant Faith gives the Guardian and his allies Energy Shield when he reserves mana, and Armour when he reserves life. The more he reserves, the larger the bonus. It’s especially powerful on characters that can sacrifice the majority of their mana.

Unwavering Faith adds extra effects to all of the Guardian’s Auras. Each of his auras will also grant Life Regeneration and protection from Physical Damage.

Harmony of Purpose prevents the Guardian’s enemies from gaining charges. Also, all charges created by the Guardian’s allies are shared with his party.

Prayer of Glory makes the Guardian’s warcries instantaneous. When he uses a Warcry, he and his allies become faster. The guardian can use this with Rallying Cry to provide a massive boost to his group.

Time of Need periodically gives the Guardian a burst of life recovery and removes ailments and curses from him. Timed well, this can save the Guardian in tough situations.

Bastion of Hope improves the Guardian’s chance to block and prevents him or his allies being stunned if he blocks. This is perfect for the Guardian who is on the front line protecting his allies.

You’ll be able to play your own Guardian in Path of Exile: Ascendancy, which launches on March 4th, 2016

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  • BeerCake

    So refreshing to see someone who knows their shit reveal this ascendancy path… The speaker felt knowledgeable and had researched his topic. Good job!

    • Proxeneta CQ

      I was left thinking the same thing throughout the video, first reveal where it looks like the narrator knows what he is saying.

  • bebop4breakfast

    This is awesome! Probably my favorite of the reveal videos

  • Sadloss

    Great class for sure! And finally not a 2 second video reveal of some boring guy who shouldn’t try to be a speaker