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Path of Exile – Whats New?!? – Prophecies!

Path of Exile – Whats New?!? – Prophecies!

June’s 2.3.0 Content Update marks the start of both a Standard and Hardcore version of the Prophecy Challenge League. These leagues have self-contained economies and provide an opportunity for you to enjoy a fresh start and demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile. This update includes Standard and Hardcore (permadeath) versions of the Prophecy challenge league, the largest league so far in terms of content.

In the Prophecy league, you find Silver Coins as you explore Wraeclast. If you cross Navali’s palm with silver, she will foretell a Prophecy about you. This is added to the Prophecy Screen, which can hold seven Prophecies at a time. Prophecies cause the areas you enter to change so that you will run into the encounters you are foretold to. There are over a hundred different types of encounters, which range from flooding an area with a plague of rats to guaranteeing that you’ll create a certain item when crafting.

By giving Navali some extra coins, you can Seal a Prophecy into a tradeable item. This is useful for either freeing up space in the Prophecy screen (if you don’t want to complete the Prophecy right now) or for trading valuable Prophecies to other players. Some of them are very rare and represent difficult challenges with high payoffs. If you aren’t capable of completing the challenge, you can still receive some of the payoff by trading the Prophecy to someone who can.

More than just the challenge leagues…

In the last expansion, Path of Exile: Ascendancy, we introduced the Labyrinth. There’s a version of the Labyrinth in each of the three difficulty level. Players who were playing in our endgame map system wanted a version that had appropriate challenges and rewards for them too.

The endgame Labyrinth can be accessed after you have completed the six new Trials of Ascendancy that can be occasionally found in endgame maps. These trials and the endgame labyrinth feature a new type of trap – known as the “Sentinel” (or informally, the “Pop-up trap”). These traps can be suppressed by dealing damage to them. After a few seconds, they reactivate. While active, their abilities range from elemental attacks to influencing your abilities negatively when you’re nearby.

The new content and Prophecy challenge leagues launch on June 3rd!

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