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Path of Exile: Storm Burst Skill Reveal

Path of Exile showcases one of the new skills in Fall of Oriath, Storm Burst, a channeled lightning skill.

Storm Burst is a new channeled lightning skill. The skill fires bolts of piercing lightning while you channel, doing small amounts of damage. When you stop channeling, the bolts detonate, dealing a large amount of area damage around them.

The skill is very flexible, having high single target damage at close range if used in short bursts, or covering a large area if held down over a long time.

Additional projectiles will be added sequentially, letting you fire a much denser stream of projectiles when using Greater Multiple Projectiles. Increasing the skill’s area increases the size of the explosions, which will then overlap for even more damage. Slowing the projectile speed also results in more overlapping damage, while reducing the speed that the skill reaches further targets.

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