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Paragon Livestream Highlights – Justa Emp & His Robot!

Paragon Livestream Highlights – Justa Emp & His Robot! 

Paragon had another free beta weekend so JamesBl0nde, BakermanBrad and friends joined the party!

This test runs from today (May 26) through Monday, May 30. Everyone who signed up on or before May 25 should have received an invite via email, so make sure to check your spam if you think you should be in. You can also load up the Epic Launcher and check the Paragon tab. There is no need to redeem a code if you signed up before May 25.

If you do have access and you like to stream, the Official Paragon Bot stops by in chat to hand out early access keys!

I don’t always stream… but when I do… I stream here –

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