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Paladins Ability Breakdown: Moji and Friends

Moji and Friends arrives in Paladins OB65 – check out a breakdown of their abilities!

  •  [LMB] Familiar Spit: Every 0.6s your familiar fires out a magic projectile that deals 250 Damage. Deal more damage for every stack of Magic Mark on the target.
  • [RMB] Familiar Spray: Every 0.1s deal 50 damage in a column of magical energy. Every hit applies 1 Magic Mark to the victim, stacking up to 10.
  • [Q] Magic Barrier: Project an impenetrable field around your character for 2s. Enemies that damage you while your barrier is active receive 10 stacks of Magic Mark.
  • [F] Scamper: Quickly Scamper forward.
  • [E] Bon Appetit: Cast an arcane spell that Transforms a single victim into a delicious treat. Coming into contact with your transformed victim executes them and prevents ability-based revival.
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