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Overhit Begins Global Pre-Registration for Android and iPhone

Overhit is an upcoming mobile title coming from Nexon, and has begun pre-registration for Android and iOS devices. Overhit will have over 120 unique heroes to play as, coming from civilizations throughout space and time. There are plenty of options to build a players ultimate team. The battle system requires quick coordination but also has a turn-based strategy style with which to gain victory. Famous voice actors including Kaito Ishikawa, Aya Uchida, Toiyuki Morikawa and more join the ranks in Overhit as ninjas, witches, assassins and other life-like heroes.

Players also have the option to team up and face off against other teams from around the world and set out on expeditions where teamwork is key to success. Conclave is a company with plans to destroy the world, but after this gets out, a resistance group known as the Black Wings are summoned to restore peace to the world. Overhit uses Unreal 4 Engine to bring gorgeous 3D backdrops to life, and will also have an immersive, engaging story.

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