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Orcs Must Die! Unchained – Brass Hero Overview

OMDU introduces Brass, an engineer that specializes in turrets and bombs to blow up the competition.

When Brass isn’t busy cleaning up her husband Dobbin’s messes you can find her on the battlefield deploying some seriously wicked technology against the Unchained. Explosions are key to a good gibletization so Brass brings her special land mines aka “Brass Bombs” (patent pending) and some trusty cannonballs (don’t ask where she puts them). She’s got bullets too…her Blunderbuss shoots a wonderful spread of mayhem across the battlefield while her automated Dwarven Turret sprays minions from a fixed position. She’s also pretty handy with a wrench and can WHACK minions upside their heads to get some scrap metal, which she uses to create her “Brass Bombs” (patent pending) and upgrade her Dwarven Turret. Brass can be unlocked with Skulls or Gold in the in-game store.

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