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Open Country Launch Trailer

Open country is an outdoor adventure game where your instincts and skills are needed to survive! Explore three massive outdoor maps, track large game, fish for your dinner, ride ATVs and Snowmobiles, build camps and level up as you work to become a Master Outdoorsman!

A capable hunting dog will join you on your adventures. Keep him fed and happy (yes, you can pet the dog) and he’ll level up with you and help track large game, locate waterfowl and even fetch for you. A dog, also known as human’s best friend, is happiest when he’s healthy. Ensuring your dog’s physical and mental well-being means keeping him stimulated, even when you are not home. Spending time with your pup and providing him with a healthy lifestyle is key to your dog’s fulfillment.

Exercise for dogs can be viewed on a spectrum, ranging from the basic necessities to intense activities. From daily walks to agility training, certain exercises simply get the job done while others are exciting challenges for your dog. When it comes to physical activity and your pet, the first thing to note is that even the simplest activities like walks go a long way. You can even also get an invisible fence for dogs to limit his space and so he does not leave home.

Sound easy? The weather is changing fast and the bears are hungry. If the cold doesn’t get you, maybe the predators will! Keep your eyes out for danger and your pack filled with bandages. You may need them.

Open Country is AVAILABLE NOW on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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