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One Punch Man: Road to Hero Launches on Mobile Devices

Oasis Games launched their latest mobile RPG today, One Punch Man: Road to Hero, the first officially authorized One Punch Man mobile title in the West. Produced under the supervision of the original author (ONE and Yusuke Murata) as well as the animation production committee, they will release this authentic title on both iOS today, and soon for Android. One Punch Man: Road to Hero is a mobile card-based RPG, where players form heroic teams and fight for justice. Players will be able to fight through every battle in One Punch Man from Deep Sea King, Vaccine Man and Lord Boros. More than 50 characters can be collected, and a variety of battle modes will be available.

“One-Punch Man: Road to Hero was created so loyal fans and players can battle, train, and collect characters on their own hero’s journey,” said Jinyang Xu, Producer of One-Punch Man: Road to Hero at Oasis Games. “With Saitama as an ally, build the ultimate fighting team with complementary skills and prepare to immerse yourself in a fantastic combat experience with exciting storylines!”

One-Punch Man is a highly popular Japanese manga, written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, that has sold over 20 million copies in Japan. The manga tells the story of the protagonist Saitama who becomes a hero, losing his hair but gaining the greatest strength through strenuous workouts. Eventually, he joins the Hero Association with his disciple Genos and fights against various monsters, villains, and catastrophic events together with many other heroe

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