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Old School Runescape Mobile Available Now

The global launch is here for Oldschool Runescape on both iOS and Apple devices. The retro version of Runescape from 2007 is live at the community’s request, and the full experience can be played and what’s more, players can go from the PC version to the mobile seamlessly. The game’s much-anticipated arrival on mobile stores will fulfil over one million pre-orders or pre-registrations for the game placed by mobile gamers in its build to launch. In addition, a further million mobile gamers are already enjoying Old School on Android, following its Members’ Beta and soft launch over the summer.

John Colgrave, Producer, Old School RuneScape, said, “Delivering the same wealth of content as its PC counterpart, expanding Old School RuneScape’s availability to mobile devices is an incredible achievement and one the team is extremely proud of. Its arrival on iOS and Android is something our community has been exceptionally hungry for and, through beta and soft launch, we’ve worked closely with them to refine and optimise Old School’s mobile interface, including the introduction of a customisable, one-touch action button, and intuitive touch-screen controls.”
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