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Oh BiBi’s FRAG Soft Launches in July, Full Launch in 2019

Oh Bibi revealed a big announcement concerning their mobile title FRAG, which draws inspiration from Overwatch and Clash Royale. FRAG is a hero shooter designed exclusively for mobile, and a soft launch is available on July 9th and is available for early playtesting now. Players can sign up for the Beta version below for the game that is slated to launch in full in 2019. Teams will feature five unique heroes out of over forty heroes from which they will assemble their team. It will also include a social platform within FRAG, which will allow players to easily record and socialize their experience with friends and other gamers across their social media networks.

Oh BiBi co-founder and COO Martial Valery said, “When we started working on FRAG 6 months ago, we knew there was no reason why a shooter game could not dominate the top grossing rankings for mobile games. Now Fortnite has demonstrated it was possible, we’re ready to challenge their claim for best mobile shooter and with Atomico onboard, as one of the most active VCs investing in the games sector today, we are well equipped to scale and looking forward to the challenge.

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