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Novus Aeterno State of the Game #1: Gameplay Features Update

In the first of a series of dev blogs, the Novus Aeterno team looks behind the scenes at recent gameplay updates.

In addition to what has been shown in the video, here are a few items that we have been working on since our last update:

  • The research system is basically complete. The GUI needs some final touches, but at this stage it is mostly down to creating much more content for it to unlock.
  • Smaller ships, cruiser hulls and smaller, now function in squadrons instead of as solitary ships. This looks much more interesting on the screen, but also allows for more flexible designs, AND is easier on the servers!
  • Units now have health bars! The icons over the units that were used to show what kind of hull was being used is now also used as the health bar. The are still some tweaks that are being made to make it easier to see on hostile ships, but on friendly ships it’s already a great help to keep your units alive.
  • Ships in formations are now spread out more so they don’t share the same space on screen, so ships don’t clip into each other anymore.
  • We have also implemented the first version of our new options menu. It’s not quite done yet, but it already has some new features and is designed to be easily added to in the future.
  • That one thing being sneak peaked in the video :).
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