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Nosgoth – Whats New? The Silenced Cathedral

This time seeing whats new in Nosgoth, I get a chance to join a virtual play session with Psyonix and Square-Enix to check out the latest map known as Silenced Cathedral being introduced early in the new year!
Background lore having to do with the Silenced Cathedral within Nosgoth:
During the soul reaver era just before Kain established his divine empire seemingly for good, a play of staggering ambition was hatched by the finest architects and artisans that humankind had to offer. Realizing that outright warfare against the Vampires was costing them too dearly, and could perhaps only ever end in defeat, the greatest thinkers conceived of another way to battle the threat. A holy weapon of unprecedented size and power that would require a building the size of a towering, spiraling cathedral to house it. While this cathedral itself was built atop a sheer mountain cliff top, the critical auxiliary structures and supporting areas came to be carved out of the cliffs and valleys for miles around. The weapon the cathedral housed was conceived to blast a deadly hymn which would destroy every vampiric creature on the face of Nosgoth.

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