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Neverwinter’s ‘Uprising’ Update Adds New Playable Race – the Gith

Perfect World announced their seventeenth module for Neverwinter, coming on August 13th to PC: Uprising. This Module will hit consoles at a later date. This update, set in the Forgotten Realms adds an all-new playable race, in the Gith. The Gith are psionic warriors, who are seeking retribution against the vile Illithid, intruding on Halaster Blackcloak’s Undermountain. This story will culminate in a 10-player Endgame Trial against Halaster himself.

This update will also add fresh PVP content, Protector’s Enclave sees a renovation, and the Early Game experience will also be recrafted. Following the class optimizations in Undermountain, players can look forward to an all-new PvP map and gear to earn. Finally, a Fashion system overhaul will keep adventurers looking their best, and an additional ‘Tales of Old’ event will revive more dungeons from the past- giving players more dungeons than before – binding form and function.

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