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MU Origin’s 7.0 Update Adds Reverse Maps and Clan System

The latest update from Webzen for MU Origin hits today – 7.0: Reverse. The major feature for this update are Reverse Maps, and they are accessible upon the completion of the quest [Ancient Legend(1)]. Reverse level, EXP, equipment, and buffs that are active only in Reverse maps are applied in Reverse maps and are independent of the original character level. Reverse items are also categorized into three Tiers: Tier 1 (Blood Angel), Tier 2 (Brave Angel) and Tier 3 (Storm Angel), and are only available on these maps.

The Clan System also arrives in this update, and players can invite their friends to a clan, or join a new clan, which can have up to five members: One Clan Master and Four Clan Members. This also introduces Clan Arena, which is a new 5 vs. 5 battle, and Clans can fight each other daily from 18:00 to 24:00. Players who succeed in becoming the best Clan in Clan Arena will then be able to participate in Clan Assault, an all server event, where the top 64 Clans of the Clan Arena will be given the rights to participate in Clan Assault on the 9th day of every month from 2:00 pm to 04:00 pm. All members of the Clan who places in 1st place will then be given the special title “King of Glory”.

With a new Mount Emblem System which includes 6 parts of the Mount Emblem and 3 grades of Magic, Rare and Epic, upgrading mounts will never end. Activating the Mount Emblem system will open one slot, and additional slots will open to 6 slots according to the Mount’s level. A new Ritual, ‘Ritual of Lava’ has been added to the game. Ritual is an event for the players that have joined the Corps to receive rewards by completing quests during the event period, starting on April 29 at 00:00.

Additionally, the MU Origin team is running various events for players to fully enjoy the new update and giveaways from April 27th to May 5th, 2019 (UTC). Players can enhance their Equipment up to +20 and give and receive gifts with their friends. Also, they can purchase limited Package items and claim extra Lucky Stars for Lucky Draw during the event period.

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