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MU Origin’s 5.0 Update Adds Force War Event and More

The latest update for MU Origin is here, and with it come an absolute ton of content right in time for the holidays. Force War is a massive PVP “Capture the Flag” event, which runs every Saturday from 19:00 until 19:30. Five battlefields await that players can join alongside their forces. There are seven points on each battlefield to occupy, with players doing battle with their rivals to place their flag at each point. The more they capture, the higher the capture rate, and the more likely they are to win some of the bigger rewards.  This update also added a new defense system, Immortal Shield. This is now available after completing Fracture in the Main Quest (Rebirth 10, Level 20). Immortal Shield is a hugely powerful upgradable shield that protects players from enemy attacks. Immortal Shield has various attributes, including durability and absorption rate, and players can enhance these with Unbound Diamonds, Immortal Essence, and Immortal Jewels.

The Pet Awake system allows players to enhance their Pets’ Elemental options, which opens after completing Seeking Peace in the main quest, again at Rebirth 10 Level 20. There are three types of Pet Awake: Light, Fog and Frost. They are all upgradable using the corresponding Essences, and they all enhance their pet’s elemental abilities. MU Origin also comes with a new all-server area for Rebirth 15, called Grim Cave, and a new ritual event called Ritual of Earth. With the arrival of the 5.0 update and in celebration of the annual holiday, the MU Origin team has prepared a series of special events such as login rewards, special promotions, daily log-in event, and a Christmas day log-in event for even more rewards including free Costume and Footprint Costume.

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