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MU Origin’s 2.6 Update Brings Competition to a New Level

Webzen’s Mu Origin announced a major update in the forthcoming 2.6 update. A wealth of new content is coming to ratchet up the competition between server rankers. Update 2.6 will also bring to life the Fortress System where players put their pets in the fortress to defeat bosses and complete quests in order to receive daily awards. Fortress Boss raids can be repeated ten times daily and resets at midnight. In addition, Friends and Guild Members can also support these raids once a day for bigger rewards. The “Duelfield” is another new portion of this update, where players can capture prisoners through winning duels and acquire rewards by sending the enslaved out to do labor for them. The match is available between players in the same rebirth level. If the designated opponent is already enslaved, you will have to battle the master to take him/her over. Maximum of four prisoners can be captured and the prisoners can only be rescued by friends or Guild members.

 The new competition starts not only between players but also between guilds for this update. MU Origin brings all-server scale league to decide the best guild of the MU continent The league has a minor and major league. Based on the minor league result, guilds can move up to the major league. The battles will be held in a special battlefield called “Olympus” in which guilds will battle to capture the temple and the flags. 2.6 will also increase the level cap to “rebirth 14 level 100” but also extends the scale of a new area, East Akeron, which is open for those over rebirth 13. This will allow all classes to farm tier 13 equipment, and the endless tower’s highest floor has also expanded (to 150th floor) for greater challenges.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the 2.6 update, MU Origin is holding a special event for players to claim valuable rewards by simply logging in or by collecting items from field monsters to exchange for various rewards.

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