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MU Origin 3.0 introduces the Mount System, a new Server Dungeon, Server Assault, the Awaken System, and more. This update adds a new server dungeon known as “Infernal Canyon”, where players can defeat the boss monster and claim rewards with players across all servers. This will be available to players after 3rd Rebirth Level 60 and up to five players can party up for fifteen minutes. The Mount System will also help speed up a player’s journey and increase their stats. In addition to this, Mounts also have a special skill to use in battle. You can acquire Mounts with “Mount Capture” or in the Infernal Canyon.

With this new update, the Awaken system allows players to activate Awaken Stones to enhance their equipment. These come in two forms – Attack and Defense, which can be used to upgrade items like weapons, rings, and armor. Server Assault is another new feature, which allows players to loot other servers in PVP fights. This will be available after Rebirth 7 Level 55, and appears every Sunday at 21:30. Each of these Seasons lasts 13 weeks. A new all-server area for Rebirth 14, Abyss Temple is also available in the game. MU Origin will also have a host of improvements and adjustments, and special events (login events, bonus/rewards, giveaways).

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