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MU Origin 2 Now Available on Android and iOS

MU Origin 2 is the second mobile spin-off in the MU franchise and is now available on both Android and iOS devices today. It blends the family combat style of the MU games with an updated visual look and gives players what they expect from the MU series. MU Origin 2 is localized in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and offers challenging boss raids, PVP, and much more in a classic MU environment. To celebrate the launch, there are daily login bonuses and Happy Hour rewards waiting on players in the game.

Players can get their start today on three servers – US West, US East, and Europe. There is a trio of classes being offered – There’s the Dark Knight, the perfect combination of the power in close-ranged combat, the Dark Wizard, a magic wielder that deals damage in a wide area, and the Elf character class, a master of the ranged attacks and healing. Each has their own abilities that makes them enjoyable to upgrade and play, as they are capable of equipping heaps of powerful equipment. The characters will seem even more unique when accompanied by a Guardian Pet that will join and aid players battle.

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