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Modern Wolf Reveals Gamescom 2019 Highlight Reel

Modern Wolf is a new publisher on the scene, with a goal of making a statement: They are committed to ethical game development. This publisher has a roster of five talented indie developers on board, and revealed five games during Gamescom 2019, in today’s video. They have a zero-tolerance towards crunch, and a sensitivity to mental health/well-being, it’s a pleasant thing to see in the games development sphere.

Games Featured:

  • Necronator: Q4 2019: Deck-building meets tower defense. (Dead Wrong)
  • Ostranauts: Early Access Soon: Starship captain sim in a gritty blue-collar solar system. (Blue Bottle Games)
  • Skeleton Crew: Autumn 2020: Pinball-like, dungeon brawler. (Cinder Cone)
  • Out There: Oceans of Time: Winter 2020: Space exploration adventure, from the creators of Sigma Theory. (Mi-Clos Studio)
  • Rogue State Revolution: 2021: First geo-political roguelike. (LRDG)
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