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MMOHuts Weekly Recap #140 June 10th – E3, Firefall, PS2 on PS4, & More!

MMOHuts Weekly Recap #140 June 10th – E3, Firefall, PS2 on PS4, & More!

A quick look and discussion for every major announcement and update during the week! This week we discussed updates from the following games: FireFall, Elsword, World of Tanks, World of Warships, Marvel Heroes, Dragon’s Prophet, DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2, Guild Wars 2, Wildstar, SMITE, & Neverwinter!

E3 is here! Check out our Most Anticipated F2P Games @ E3 to get an idea of what games we’re excited to cover at the show! FireFall has its last public beta weekend before the launch of it’s constant Open Beta on July 9th. Elsword introduces the “Fields of Battle” expansion where players have the opportunity to fight with other players in open world PvE environments between town areas. World of Tanks and World of Warships are going to make a huge impact at this years E3 and just to show us how big, they release some pretty epic trailers. Dragon’s Prophet also shows SOE’s enthusiasm for E3 with a new trailer based around Heavy Metal in the form of a music video. Guild Wars 2 is about to start is in game event the Dragon Bash and MMOHuts helps them celebrate by blowing up a dragon pinata.  Hi-Rez Studios introduces Athena, Goddess of wisdom as the latest champion in SMITE. DC Universe and PlanetSide 2 will be some of the first free to play games on the new Playstation 4. Neverwinter shows off some of its end game content in the form of a PvPvE dungeon.

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