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Krafton Game Union are unleashing a new mobile experience on a global scale today with Mini LifeMini Life will combine the best of the MMO genre with the fun of social networking games. Players will socialize, customize and glamorize to their heart’s content while taking part in this vast shared world. Mini Life is a completely non-violent game world where players actively participate to make a name for themselves by becoming the coolest person on the block.

There are over a billion ways to customize an avatar, and over 3,000 fashion items, so there are endless ways to create the character you want. Players will be able to engage with others around the world with a number of interactions to raise their social grades, unlock rewards and so much more. As an example, players can use an AR camera to take photos with their avatars, and even group photos. It will connect a player’s real-world with their virtual one.

Features include

  • Synchronized social experiences through realtime chat in a wide array of channels;
  • A completely non-violent game world;
  • Over 20 billion ways to customize an avatar;
  • 3,000+ fashion items;
  • Personal gardens and mansions with a huge selection of furnishing and decorations;
  • Upgrade-able social experiences through interacting with others;
  • Live events that help players reach higher social grades;
  • Fully featured trading system in the Night Market;
  • day/night cycle, weather system and more;
  • Optimized user experience in both landscape and portrait view;
  • One-handed or two-handed gameplay
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