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Metin2: Curse of the Serpent Queen Is Now Live

Gameforge has released the latest update for the classic MMORPG, Metin2: Curse of the Serpent Queen.

This brand new update expands the game to include a new zone, new dungeons and bosses, and brand new gear as players face off against the deadliest enemy to date: Serpent Queen Nethis.

Features of this update include:

  • New Zone – Yilad Pass: Venture along the cursed, winding road to gain access to the Serpent Temple and experience a new, thrilling storyline. Keep your guard up as new quests and Tainted War Chiefs with their polluted army will make your journey a dangerous one. Warriors adventurous enough to make the trek will be rewarded with new legendary armor to aid them.
  • New Dungeon – Serpent Temple: At the center of Yilad Pass lies the impregnable lair of the Serpent Queen: The Serpent Temple. Battling with new, slithery, serpentine monsters using challenging new mechanics across several sub-basements will net adventurers rare drops such as Serpent equipment and other rare goodies. But be quick about it – unless you craft at the Serpent Statue, you must work against the clock to evade the curse of the Serpent Queen!
  • New Dungeon – Mysterious Dungeon: A twisted maze awaits you in Nam Gwang Chasm bursting with rapidly spawning different types of monsters, high-level weapons, and a new, mysterious talisman!
  • New Armour Set – Serpent Equipment: What is a new update without shiny, new armor? Deck your character in the finest and most powerful serpentine armor with room for several bonuses that can be upgraded.
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