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Metal Assault – Refresher: It’s back, better than ever???

Metal Assault – Refresher: It’s back, but is it better than ever???

BakermanBrad takes a crack at the recently resurrected 2D side-scroller shoot’em up known as Metal Assault!

Shutdown by Aeria Games in 2012, Warpportal is thrilled to bring back GNISoft’s fantastically fun game Metal Assault! Reviving this 2D side-scroller brings back Carl, Ai, Marie and Burton! Fan Favorites like Co-Op vs. Zombies, Zombie Infection and Death Match return along with Player vs. Player, Mission Mode, and Cooperative challenges! Players can create companies and work together to complete objectives, or go solo for the glory!

Metal Assault arrives back in North American and English speaking territories! It will be available on the Steam platform and through Warpportal download. Warpportal is really excited to get involved with the Metal Assault community that has been hungering for the resurgence of this title for years!

The only thing is, for now the game is infested with bugs… hopefully Warpportal can turn the relaunch into something more like what Neople did with DFO!

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