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Marvel Future Fight Introduces New Original Character ‘Crescent’

Three new characters are now available in the superhero mobile title, Marvel Future Fight. One of these is an original character (Crescent), and two fan favorites (Morgan Le Fay, White Fox). Crescent is a 10-year old girl named Dan Bi who grew up in Korea, raised by her single father, an antique dealer who was forced to acquire powerful artifacts for the ancient sorceress Morgan Le Fay. By touching one of the artifacts, a mystical bear mask, Dan Bi summoned a “half-moon” bear spirit named Io, who bonded with her to become her protector.

Crescent and Io use a unique combination of taekwondo, magical power absorption, super strength, and other abilities in battle, as they search for Crescent’s missing father. She’s the third original, powerful female character introduced through Marvel Future Fight, as Sharon Snow and Luna Snow have come before her. Alongside her, Morgan Le Fay and Korean super-agent White Fox will also be playable in the game. Those who pre-registered for this update also receive bonus items, such as Boost Points, Crystals, Gold, and Crescent Biometrics. More than 420,000 players pre-registered, and Marvel Future Fight rewards them accordingly.

Additional updates to MARVEL Future Fight include:

  • Four new uniforms, including
    •   Captain America (Sharon Rogers) – Dark Star Armor
    • Luna Snow – Andromeda Suit
    • Spider-Man (Miles Morales) – Into the Spider-Verse
    • Hyperion – Classic
  • Tier-3 Upgrade for Captain America (Sharon Rogers) and Potential Realization for Crescent, Morgan Le Fay, White Fox, Captain America (Sharon Rogers), Luna Snow, Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Hyperion
  • Crescent-themed Event Battle
  • White Fox Heroic Quest Pack and Heroic Quest Improvements
  • New Monthly Bonus Deals, Giant Boss Raid improvements and Special Mission Quest Pack
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